Why: 26th July Kargil Vijay Din

The 26th July Kargil Vijay Din is a symbol of Victory of good vs evil .This celebration is not solely intended to celebrate victory over Pakistan. We are celebrating it because  26th July Kargil Vijay Din was not a ‘just’ victory; it was a great example of a limited war where we showed our patience & fought in world’s most difficult & deadliest terrain.

Its a great example of humanity. Our brave solders were horrifically tortured & handed over in pieces . Whole nation was erupted with anger..entire country  was furious over the act of cowards. In spite of the insane enemy behavior  our forces respectfully handed over enemies  dead bodies and set example to the world.

It’s a great example of tolerance. Although till that time our enemy had violated every treaty still our beloved country respected these agreements treaties. Being capable of conquering our land we chose to respect the treaties; it was a most appreciable act. This shows our respect to our earlier commitment.

For growth you have to compare yourself with those who are higher than you & challenge yourself to do better than them. Do you compare Gold over garbage? Do you??? We have set new benchmarks of the moral standards which are guidelines for the entire world.

How This Movement Began

In early 2015 we initiated a bullet ride to Leh . To add more value to our ride we wanted to gift local specialties on en route to armed forced as a token of love and gratitude. In this course we met few ex army people. We explained our cause they liked it and said the expression is enough for us we don’t expect anything else but sadly we don’t get such respect in society. We were surprised with these comments.

After brainstorming we came to conclusion that whole society has tremendous respect towards armed forces but their feelings/ intent do not reached to armed forces because there is no direct communication / expression bridge between ordinary person and armed forces.

So the common man expresses his gratitude by appreciating patriotic movies, cherishing patriotic songs ,  firing crackers after Bharat –Pakistan match etc. But the intent is not reaching to the beloved forces.

26th July Kargil Vijay Din as expressed is a symbol of Victory of good vs evil . This “VIJAY “ has set benchmarks of the moral  & ethical standards which are guidelines for the entire world.We felt by celebrating this day our love and gratitude message will be rightly conveyed to armed forces.

The news regarding success of  “Operation Rahat – Yeman “  increased our intensity to proceed further.  We decided to spread awareness from every possible source. For social media we appointed “Manhattan Communications India Pvt Ltd “  to take care of posts professionally .  Local news channel and regional papers  whole heartedly supported our cause .

What we want to do

We want to do patriotic activities  as well  as wan to collect self funded, non commercial and non political patriotic event details and displaying it on Website/Social networks. So at one click our patriotic strength will be seen ;which will definitely a morale booster to our countrymen especially armed forces.

We want to set an example that determined ordinary people can bring a change with simple selfless act and with small meaningful efforts.

What We Believe

Indian armed forces service is not a just job; its a commitment . No nation can afford to pay soldier to martyred  for his country. They only pay him to defend the country . If he gets martyred in the process, the nation owes him profound debt.

Our society has tremendous respect over the contributions of armed forces .We believe every patriotic individual in this country wants to be a part of nation building act. We think there are lakhs of youngsters who can & want to spend their time d energy in very satisfying way but due to time / information  / motivation factor they couldn’t utilize it and if they do ,many good acts/deeds remains unknown/ unappreciated.

Salaam Kargil is a collective effort of appreciation, care & gratitude. We believe there Salaam Kargil is a symbolic gesture of everyone’s unappreciated good deeds.