Self funded


Non commercial activity

About Abhimanas Group

Salaam Kargil is an initiative to express gratitude & pride towards Indian armed forces. Armed Forces are the symbol of sacrifice, greatness, hard work and commitment of  noble act. Keeping them at core we want to elicit heroic Indian legacy. Its ultimate aim is to rejuvenate   , ignite and strengthen patriotic bond.

Our main strengths are

  • Self funded
  • Nonpolitical
  • Non commercial activity

 i.e. we are committed not to take any sponsorship’s purely member’s self funded activity with no commercial and political motive. Its an initiative towards meaningful national integrity.

Why: 26th July Kargil Vijay Din

The 26th July Kargil Vijay Din as a symbol of Victory of good vs evil .This celebration is not for celebrating victory over Pakistan. We are celebrating it because  Kargil Vijay Din was not a ‘just’ victory; it was a great example of a limited war where we showed our patience & fought in world’s most difficult & deadliest terrain.

Its a great example of humanity . Our brave solders horrifically tortured & handed over in pieces . Whole nation erupted with anger..entire country  was furious over the act of cowards. In spite of the insane enemy behaviour  our forces respectfully handed over enemies  dead bodies.

It’s a great example of tolerance. Although till that time our enemy had violated every treaty still our beloved country respected these agreements treaties. Being capable of conquering our land we chose to respect the treaties ; it was a most appreciable act.

For growth you have to Compare  yourself with those who are higher than you & challenge yourself to do better than them. Do you compare Gold over garbage? Do you???

We must show our resistance strongly  to the enemies but without giving much value to them.